Company Profile:
As Doruk Metal we manufacture and supply structural steels, filled steel materials, galvanized pipes, pipes, steel pipes, sheets, fittings, angles, profiles, irons, tempered steels, stainless steels, carbon steels, corrugated steel sheets, structural steel, filled steel materials, galvanized pipe, pipe, steel pipe, sheet, fitting, angle, profile, iron, tempered steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, corrugated steel sheet, equal angles, equilateral angles, hea profiles, heb profiles, square profiles, rectangular profiles, npi profiles, npu profiles, t irons, sheet irons, square iron, free-cutting steels, case hardening steels, cold draw tolerances, transmission shafts, seamless steel drawn pipes, seamless drawn pipes, seamless pipes, elbows, flanges, reducing sleeves, t fittings, caps, valves, boiler pipes, line pipes, black pipes, black welded pipes, galvanized seamless pipes, alloy seamless steel pipes, alloy steel boiler pipes, equal angle, equilateral angle, hea profile, heb profile, square profile, rectangular profile, npi profile, npu profile, t iron, sheet iron, square irons... We joined Doruk Metal company by breaking new ground with 20 year industrial experience. Our company sales welded black and galvanized pipe, seamless steel and alloyed broiler pipes, line pipes, fittings, valves, sheet, profile, bracket, npu, npi, hea, heb iron. We also export perforating sheet, pipe and fittings. We target to attain high quality service and materials with experienced staff to give you better services.

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Established Date: 1994  Tax Office: Yüreğir  Tax Number: 3100606111  Staff Count: 11-25  Export Specialist: Fatma AÇIKBAŞ